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 =====Valuing Material in CATS (Mark to Market)===== =====Valuing Material in CATS (Mark to Market)=====
 +====Valuation Types====
 +  * **Automatic** - Use the Arrival Month to Futures Table to get an exchange position month and year for this contract item. Pull the differential from the Grade code table if applicable. ​
 +  * **Position** - Enter the exchange position month and year to use for valuation on this contract item. No differential.  ​
 +  * **Currency +diff+ position** - Enter the currency, differential amount, and exchange position month and year. 
 +  * **Allocated differentials** - For a sale, use the differential from the allocated purchase. Should be used in conjuction with the Deferred P&L feature. ​
 +  * **Fixed valuation** - Enter the specific price you want CATS to use for the valuation of this item.
 +====Examples of a Contract====
 +Here are examples of a contract valued at different types of valuations. ​
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