Use a bank transfer to transfer money from one bank account to another. Go to Accounting > Data Entry > Bank Transfer.

Bank transfer access menu
Bank transfer gird
  • Transactions - Use this option to add another transaction.
    Transaction menu
  • Add - Add a bank transfer (see below).
  • Print - Print the transaction.
  • Modify - Modify the transaction.
  • Post - Post the transaction.
  • Ledger Scan - The ledger scan shows all invoices and transaction history for the current financial year.
  • Delete - Delete a transaction.
  • Exit - Press Exit to return to the home screen.

Select Add to add a bank transfer. Select the bank account for the deposit and disbursement. Select Apply to continue.

Add bank transfer

Enter the bank transfer transaction information. Date, Cash transaction No, and G/L Transfer Acct, will auto-fill based on the bank info you entered. Enter Check/Ref No and Amount for both the deposit and withdrawal. Press Apply to continue.

Enter bank transfer details.

Next, you will see details of the transaction.

Bank transfer details
  1. This is the bank deposit summary. For bank transfers, it starts at zero.
  2. The final number received in bank account.
  3. The transfer account (negative).
  4. Funds coming out of the 1st bank.
  5. The transfer account (positive).

Press Exit to return to the home screen.

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