General ledger numbers (also called general ledger accounts) are the accounts that all costs and inventory charges must go against. Taken all together, they form the complete general ledger. Cost codes are used to apply costs to contracts and invoices. You can set up costs so that you can see the estimated costs and compare those with the actual costs. Then, if you try to add a cost for that cost code with an amount over the expected cost, CATS will warn you.

To access the scan, choose Accounting > G/L Maintenance > G/L Scan area.

From the scan you can see the opening and current balances for each G/L number. []

Use the toolbar menu to Add or Edit G/L codes from the scan. []

Select Apply to exit and see a summary of the code’s properties and amounts by accounting period.

Pick Report from the menu to go to the G/L statement report, which can also be found in the Accounting > G/L Financials > G/L Statement area.

Chart of accounts/Tools menu: From the G/L Scan, you can also set up the Chart of Accounts. The chart of accounts is the way G/L numbers are grouped on the Trial Balance and the Income Statement. Pick Tools > File > Chart Categories to change the G/L Assignment for these reports.

CATS will show you the current Chart of Accounts Main Types. Each Form type has a beginning and ending G/L number. All G/L numbers that fall between these two numbers will be in that category.

Pick Exit to return to the G/L Accounts scan.

You can also go to Tools > File > Chart Types to view or change the Sub-Account types assignment.

When you add a new G/L number, you can use the Tools > Calculate options to ensure that it will show up in the correct Group and Category.

You can create custom report assignments from the Tools area as well. See New Data Systems for more information on custom G/L groupings on reports.

Cost Codes

The cost codes are stored in the Codes & Terms > Cost Codes > General Cost Codes area.

Cost codes are tied to G/L numbers. If you choose a cost code on an invoice, item, the amount of the item will be posted to its associated G/L number in the general ledger.

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