This CATS feature allows a user to attach any file type (image, pdf, text etc.) to a screen in CATS. This copies the file into a folder on your network drive, allowing all CATS users to access that file through Document Toolbar.

You can attach documents to any of the following screens in CATS:

  • Contract Main/Contract Confirm Screen
  • Contract Item Screen
  • Location Screen
  • Traffic Form Screen
  • Production Screen
  • Account Review Screen
  • Invoice Screen
  • Sampling Screen
Editing an attached document does not actually modify the file that's stored in CATS. Instead, edit the document by locating it in the original location and then re-attach it to CATS.

In CATS, navigate to the screen to which you want to attach a file.

For example a purchase contract
You can add multiple files at once. Simply select multiple files to attach and drag them all onto the screen.

In Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder that contains the file you want to attach. Drag and drop the file(s) that you wish to attach from Windows Explorer onto the CATS screen.

Drag the file to attach.
You can also drag-and-drop files from the Desktop, or attachments from Outlook.

By default, CATS will store the file using the file's original name. You can enter a different name here and specify the starting position for the file and press Apply to continue.

Name the file
If the file you're adding to CATS is already present in the document database, CATS will suggest you make a link to the existing file. In this way you can attach the same document to multiple screens in CATS.

If this is the first file attached to this CATS element, a blue folder will appear on your screen.

File folder

The Documents Toolbar allows you to review and manage the documents attached to the current screen. If no documents are attached, the Document Toolbar will not be displayed.

The Document Toolbar

The number on the blue folder represents the total number of documents attached to the current screen. For convenient access, the top two documents currently attached to the screen are displayed next to the blue folder.

Clicking on the file name will open the document. In the example below, clicking on the link labeled ContractConfirm PO002342.htm will display that file in your web browser.

Clicking on the blue folder icon in the Documents Toolbar will open up the attached documents interface. From here you can manage the documents by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Attached Documents Interface

  • 1 (Add) - Use the + sign to Attach additional files using Windows Explorer. Click for screenshot
  • 2 (Save) - Use the disk icon to Save the file to another location. Click for screenshot
  • 3 (Email) - Email the document. Click for screenshot
  • 4 (Settings) - Use the gear icon to open the Settings box Click for screenshot
    • Change the Name of the file as it is displayed in CATS.
    • Change the Position of the document in the list:
      • First: Moves the document to the top of the current list.
      • Last: Moves the document to the bottom of the current list.
      • Up/Down with Number: Moves the file up or down by the number you enter in the space provided.
  • 5 (Unattach) - Click the broken link icon to Detach the file from this screen. Click for screenshot
This does NOT delete the file from either its saved location on your disk or its original location.
  • 6 Collapsing the Document Toolbar: If you wish, you can collapse the Document Toolbar so that only the blue folder icon is displayed. Click on the “blank” button on the bottom right side of the screen to collapse the attached documents box and leave just the blue folder on the screen.Click for screenshot
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