This can be used to see invoices for one account within a month (or for a specific time period). Go to Invoicing > Monthly Invoice Listing.

Monthly Invoice Menu

This will take you to the Print Monthly Invoice Listing Report screen.

Print Monthly Invoice Listing Report

Here you will enter specific information and view your report. Any field in red is mandatory and needs to be filled in to view the report.

  • Report Title -the default title, ACCOUNT STATEMENT, will show but you can change this by typing over the default.
  • Show Invoices For Period - Enter your date frame. The default date will be the first day of the last whole month.
  • Account - Type in your account name or click the more […] button to pull up a list of accounts. Highlight the account and press Select. See picture below.
  • Basis Units - LB, KG, MT

Most fields in grey will be automatically filled in once you choose the account. The Closing Note will be the only field left blank.

Invoice box with grey titles filled in

If you click in the Account Address box, you can edit the address. Before you edit the address, CATS will ask you to confirm. Press Yes to continue. These changes will only appear on the monthly invoice listing and will not be stored in CATS.

Edit address

On the bottom left of this screen you will choose how you want to View Report In - Browser, Document or Spreadsheet. Press Continue to print report. Press Cancel to cancel print. You will then return to the invoicing menu.

Print Monthly Invoice Listing Report

Here is a sample of a monthly invoice listing. The columns from left to right are:

  • Contract Number
  • Invoice Number(optional)
  • Marks
  • Container Number
  • Weight
  • Price per Unit
  • Total (Total amount is weight of mark x Invoice unit price).
Account Statement

The following items on this invoice report will be a default. You may un-check them if you want.

  1. Group By Class
  2. Show Invoice Numbers
  3. Show Due Date

Here is a sample invoice report including the default options mentioned above.

Sample invoice with default options

You may add a closing note if you choose. Type your comments in the Closing Note box. If you want to list invoice numbers in your closing note, check the box List Invoice Numbers In Closing Note.

Adding a closing note on an invoice

Here is a sample invoice with a closing note.

Sample invoice add with closing note options
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