The Report of Open Invoices lists all invoices that have open balances. It can also be used to see all invoices for an account or a time period, regardless of balance.

Note: This is a list of invoices on the top level, not a list of all the items on each invoice. Individual invoice items can be found on the Inventory Transactions report instead.

You can access this report from the Invoicing > Report of Open Invoices menu option.

Choose Invoicing and Report of Open Invoices to create or print an invoice report.

Select report

Choosing Filters

From here you can filter the invoices that will appear on the report using the filters.

Select Filters for this report of open invoices

Important filter options include the Balance Invoice Type and Invoices options. You can also filter by one account or use a date range.

Selecting Order and Columns

You can choose to view broker (commission invoices), or to filter by Invoice Flag or Customer Reference number.

Use filters for broker

Make your selections for which record to show on this report. Next, you will need to select columns and order. A typical report order is shown below.

Order and columns

To change the columns you have selected for this report, use the columns pos on the bottom of the screen. Below is a sample set of columns frequently used on this report.

Typical columns for the Open Invoice report

When you have finished picking an order, select the printer output.

You can use the ? menu choice to see a list of all open invoices for the account you last reviewed in CATS. Review an account (look up a contract or invoice for that account, or go to Accounting > Accts: Name/Addr and review an account). Then select the ? > Open Invoices option.

List of open invoices for one account

You can click on the Change Account link to choose a different account. If there are no open invoices for the account code you’ve selected, you will see a message advising you of this fact.

Change selected account

Pick Exit to return to the previous menu.

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