One Invoice Statement

There are two ways to access one invoice statement. Go to Invoicing > Statement for One Invoice.

Statement for one Invoice

Or you can get one invoice statement from the Question mark ? > One Invoice on the main screen.

Question Mark One Invoice

Select the invoice you want and press Continue. You can also search for the invoice by:
Type (All, Sale, Purchase or Vendor), Invoice Number, Account, Date After or Ref Number.

Select Invoice

Then print the invoice in the format you want.

One Invoice Print

The invoice statement has the following information as read from the screen, left to right.
Transaction # - This number is assigned by CATS.
Transaction Date - Date of the invoice or receipt.
Due Date - Date it is due.
G/L #
Tran Type - Invoice or receipt. See Understanding Transaction Codes in CATS for more information on transaction types.
Invoice Number
ProvInv Check #
Currency Amount
Currency Balance

This is a simple invoice.
Line 1 is the invoice record.
Line 2 is the receipt.

One Invoice Statement

This in a more complex invoice.
Line 1 is the invoice record.
Line 2 is the final.
Lines 3 & 4 are the internal CATS transactions to move the balance to final.

One Invoice Statement

Here is the same invoice statement (as above), with an added Line 5 - receipt.

Once Invoice Statement with Receipt
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