CATS keeps a log of many activities in CATS, including transaction and error logs. These tracking reports can be useful for process review purposes. They can report all operations and activity history for a specific contract, location screen etc. It can also be useful tool to find incorrect operations that have been done.

The following operations are tracked:

  • Code changes - Accounts, Grades, Terms, Payment Terms, etc.
  • Quantity changes - On location screens or contracts.
  • Allocate/Recover allocation.
  • Create a contract confirmation.
  • Select/Un-select inventory on an invoice.
  • Post/Unpost an invoice.
  • Changes to system settings.

Go to Maintenance > General Maintenance > Tracking File Maintenance.

Tracking file maintenance access menu

To view the transaction file, click the circle next Transaction Log. Enter the date range and press View Log to proceed.

View transaction log

Keep in mind any user can view the transaction log, but only a CATS supervisor can view the error log.

Transaction log

Once viewing the tracking scan, you can use the top menu items to Search for a specific file. You can also click on the bold column heading(s) to sort.

Search for a specific tracking file

Use HTML to print the report, or Download to save it.

Tracking file print file

Another way to access the tracking report is to use the tracking report. Each line item on this report represents an action taken in the system by a user.

Go to Position Reports > Tracking.

Position report tracking access menu

Select the tracking report format and use the Modify button to make changes to filters on the report.

Change filters for the tracking report.

You can also select columns and order as you would on any regular report. When you have finished, press Print to print the file.

Select tracking report format

Choose the print preference for the selected report.

Print tracking report options

View the tracking report.

Tracking report HTML print out
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