CATS keeps a log of many activities in CATS. This log can be useful for training and process review purposes. It can also be useful as an activity history for a particular contract or location screen.

Further, in collaboration with the CATS email notification service, it can be used to provide real-time information about user activity.

To print the tracking report, select File > Position Reports > Tracking.

To set up email notifications go to File > User Preferences > User Settings and go to the Email tab. Click on the Tracking notification rules link.

Click on Tracking notification rules to manage email notifications

Tracking notification rules list.

List of email notification rules.

Adding/modifying a notification rule.

Specify the conditions for the email notification.

CATS will generate an email when all of the conditions specified in the notification rule are met. This means that a rule which specified a user id, account, and operation will only be triggered if the specified user makes the specified operation with respect to the specified account.

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