This report’s data set looks at the invoice items on inventory invoices. This report can be used to get a mark to market report as well as a margin report, and is comparable to a Provisionals Not Finalized Report of invoices. Each line item is an invoice item. To run a Inventory transaction report go to: Position Reports > Inventory Transaction.

Choose the report format you want and choose Modify.

Choose the report format

You can use the Contracts filter to select which types of items you want to see: All, Unallocated, Open, Inventory, Billed Out, Open/Inventory, Unfixed, Fixed.

Use contract filters to select items

If you only want to see invoice items that affect units or weight, use the Units Condition filter and pick Units or Weight. To limit the type of invoice you want to see, use the Invoice Type filter or the Cost Code filter.

More filters to pick units, weights, type or cost code

A typical Inventory Transactions report will have the following options: Contracts - Open Units Condition - Units or Weight Invoice Type - A/R for Sales, A/P for Purchases Cost Codes - Material (to exclude non-value based items) Data Source - Current Year This report would show all invoice items that changed units or weight for the current year. When used with various filter combinations, the Inventory Transactions report type is a powerful tool that can help you see your Mark to Market, P&L, and margin requirements for all current invoices. You can also use this report to break down the charges reserved and booked for each cost code.

Inventory Transaction Report
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