The Overall Position Report works in the same way as the Net Physical Position report in that it uses one type of units to display the entire position of the system. The overall report includes futures information as well as physical trades. You can compare your total numbers from the Net Physical report to the Net Physical position column on the Overall Position report. Go to Position Reports > Overall Position.

Overall Position Report Menu

The detail and select option on screen 1 of the overall position reports are important to running the report you are looking for.

Screen 1 Options

The level of detail options for this report include:
Contract Numbers - Each line item represents a contract item.
No Detail - Each line item will be a position month on the exchange.
Complete Detail
Futures Detail
Grade - As discussed in the Net Physical section above, each line item represents the total for each grade.
Traffic Screen - Each line item will represent a single traffic screen.

The select option for this report include:
Equiv MT
69 kg Bags
Short Tons
P/L Total, Rate or Fut Liqdtn
Diff Price, Mkt Val or P/L

The choices for units are the same as those listed for the Net Physical Report. A typical Overall Position Report will have the following filter settings: Level of Detail - No Detail Physical/Futures - All Select - Contracts Screen 2: Not Priced & Invoiced - Include Alloc Grades Differ - Purchase

Once your options are chosen select Continue from menu bar. Then choose how you want to print. For this report, we did HTML open in browser.

HTML Position Report
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