Exposure is the value of all purchase and sale contracts against a particular account with invoices in the system. Credit is the amount you can extend to a customer.

In CATS, you can run a report that will show the exposure/ credit for one account. Use the ? (question mark) on the top of any menu screen. Go to ? > Exposure/Credit.

Go to the question mark to get to the exposure/credit report.

On the credit/ exposure screen, choose Change Options to change the report options.

Change options on the report

Change exposure report options.

Change exposure account options.
  • Mode - see below.
  • Choose an account or leave blank to show all accounts.
  • Check the box Show only over limit if you want to see accounts that are over their limit.

Use the dropdown arrown next to Mode to choose: Exposure, Credit or Combined(exposure & credit)

Choose mode

Press Apply to continue.

The exposure/credit report will show.

Exposure/credit report

View and print as usual.

View report in HTML
Exposure report print out
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