This section has information on adding and reviewing sampling results, including attaching specific traffic marks to the samples.

Sample entries allow you to record details about the sampling of specific traffic material. You can record key dates, sampler notes, and the overall status of each sample. This information can be tied to specific traffic marks, making the sampling results for any material quickly available from the corresponding traffic screen.

Before you can begin working with samples in CATS you must first set up the Sample Types codes for the system.

You may add received or outgoing samples. Received samples are sent to you to test and buy. Outgoing samples are sent out to a perspective buyer to test. To add a received sample, go to Traffic > Sampling > Add Sample > Received Sample.
Or to add an outgoing sample, go to Traffic > Sampling > Add Sample > Outgoing Sample.

Add a received sample

Batch Sampling

This is the grid to add the batch process entries. Enter criteria for the sample you are adding.

  • Status, Sample Reference and Date are CATS generated.
  • Sample Type, Supplier, Product and Units and Measure must be filled in.
  • Contract Number, Customer Reference, Country etc. are optional.

Click in any box and start typing to add a sample.

Add sample grid

For example, click in the sample type box. Type in the sample type code. Or you can type in one letter, press enter and then select your sample type form the pop up box. Select your sample type and press Continue.

Continue to enter criteria for the sample. Once you have added the samples, select Save on the top menu.

Save samples

CATS will save the samples.

Sample have been added.

You can review or edit a sample at any time. Select Traffic > Sampling > Review Samples.

Access menu to review sample

Select the sample entry to review and press Continue.

Select the sample to review

On the sample management screen, you can see the status of the pre-shipment sample entry you have added. From the the top menu bar you can Add, Edit or Delete the sample. Choose Edit to make any changes or add additional criteria to this sample.

Edit the sample

Once you edit a sample, choose Save on top menu bar.

Save the sample changes

Your changes will be shown on the sample management screen.

Sample management screen

A sample can be designated for one or more sample marks and each mark can have its own result. (This allows the sampler to apply different results to different material from the same sample). Every sample added should have at least one mark.

To attach traffic marks from an existing traffic screen to the sample select Get Marks. CATS will display the marks for the contract specified on the sample entry.

Get marks attached to the sample

Rather than selecting by traffic screen, you can also search for existing material using the Cargo Number, Container, ICO Marks, Lot Number, or Warehouse Rcpt numbers.

Look up marks using the Container Number

CATS will present a list of the material with matching identifier.

For traffic marks added using the Get Marks feature, you can also pull up the traffic mark itself by selecting Marks > Traffic Marks from the menu. This will bring up a list of all the traffic marks that are on the current sample entry.

View traffic marks

Select a traffic mark and Continue.

Select a traffic mark

CATS will display a dialog with the traffic mark information for the selected record.

Finally, you can add line items to the sample manually by selecting Marks > Add from the menu.

Add a mark

Enter info and press Apply.

Add a mark

This entry will not be tied to any traffic material, so is best used for situations where you're sampling material without a purchase contract or if you want to enter a multiple results for the same sample.

Samples that do not have marks on it will not show up in the sample entry review.

To indicate that a particular sample is now associated with a container that is on a location screen, you can link the sample to the screen.

You may want to show something has been sampled without creating a sampling order. You can add the sampling result directly to the mark. You can also approve or reject the sampling result from here.

Go to Contract > Purchase > Location.

Edit mark access menu

Select the contract number from the list to see marks for this contract, then pick Continue.

Choose the contract.

Double-click on the mark to open it for Edit/Review.

Click on the mark

Add in the sampling results on this page.

Add sampling results

Once you add the sampling results you can leave it as pending, or approve or reject it.

You can send a sample you are sampling to others to try as well. Go to, Traffic > Sampling > Review Samples.
From the sample management screen, go to Forward on the top menu bar.

Forward a sample

Select sample type and press Continue.

Select sample type

Add the sent sample entry and press Apply.

Add sample sent entry

Sample has been added and will show on screen. Press Exit to return to the scan sample page.

Sample screen

The sample you have forwarded will be listed under the column labeled Child Link. Press Exit to return to the main menu.

Child Link Column

When you go in to review the sample you have forwarded, you will see that it is now linked to the original sample.

Linked samples

Exit to return to main menu.

To see a list of all samples, go to Traffic > Sampling > Scan samples.

Scan sample access menu

The list of samples will show. You can Add, Review or Edit the scans from the top menu bar.

  • Add - To add a new sample.
  • Edit - Choose edit to make any changes or add additional criteria to this sample.
  • Delete - To delete this sample entry.

Press Exit to return to main menu.

Scan of sample entries

Use the scan marks tool to see detailed records of all traffic marks attached to a sample. Go to Traffic > Sampling > Scan Marks.

Here is a list of all marks.

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