CATS allows user to create multiple templates for different order types.

Go to Traffic > Form Scan.

Adding a new order template

The form scan list will show. Go to Edit on the top left menu bar. This will pull up the Final Entry (FE) form.

Edit a form scan

From the order form, go to Template > Add on the top menu bar.

Add new template

Enter the template label. Press OK to continue.

Enter template name

CATS will ask if you want to copy the current form to create the template. Choose Yes to continue.

Copy the current template

The template for the form is ready to be filled in. The only information that needs to be filled in, is the Note and Remarks.

Enter in the notes and remarks on the template

Press Save to save the format.

Save the template

You can change the note or remarks at any time by using the magnifying glass that appears on the bottom right corner of the note or remark entry box.

Use magnifying glass to edit order template

The template can be accessed from the location screen. Using a template will copy certain fields that do not relate to the traffic screen. Navigate as usual to the location screen you are using. Go to Ord > Add form.

Add form from location screen

Select the traffic form type. Then choose Use Template to pick the template you created.

Choose the traffic form type and select template

The information from the template you created will be added to the location screen.

Template added to location screen

Exit to return to menu.

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