A location screen can be split into smaller pieces. This process is called subdividing a screen. Reasons to subdivide location screens include:

  • Part of the material on that screen is in a separate location.
  • Part of the material is being allocated.
  • Part of the material needs to be invoiced.
Once a screen has been subdivided, it cannot be recombined. The only way to return the contract to its previous state is to manually change the units and weight on the original screen and delete the new screen.

Select Sub > Subdivide from the menu on the location screen.

Select Sub and Subdivide from the traffic screen menu.

You can either subdivide by units or by weight. Enter the amount to subdivide (move to a new screen) and pick Apply.

Enter the amount to subdivide and pick Apply.

CATS will show you what the new units and weight of the screen will be and what the change will be on the old screen. You can also change the weight that CATS will use on the new screen here.

Displaying the change that will take place after subdividing.

Select Continue from the toolbar menu above to proceed.

Choose Continue to subdivide.

You will be asked to confirm the subdivision of this screen.

Confirm or cancel subdividing this screen.

Select Yes to continue or No to cancel.

Moving Marks

You should now pick which marks (or parts of marks) should be moved to the new screen.

Marks to be moved chooser.

Above is an image of a marks chooser with no marks selected to move to the new screen. You can have CATS automatically pick the marks for you by clicking the Fulfill button.

Click on the Fulfill button to have CATS select marks for you.

CATS will choose:

  1. Marks with the most amount of units, then
  2. Marks in the order they are displayed in this list.

until the marks units match the units on the location screen.

If you pick Cancel or click away from the screen and close the window, NO MARKS will be moved and all of the marks will remain on the original traffic screen, resulting in an incorrect number of marks.

From the location screen select Marks from the menu.

Select marks from the toolbar menu.

Next, select Subdivide from the marks scan menu.

Choose Subdivide from the marks scan menu.

Select one or more marks from the current screen to move to the new screen, then click Continue.

Choose the marks to move to a new screen and pick Continue.

You will be asked to confirm subdividing and will be shown the total units and weight of the new screen. Pick Yes to continue or No to cancel.

Pick Yes to subdivide this screen and create a new screen with the units and weight shown.

CATS will now display the list of marks. Pick Exit to see the newly created screen.

CATS will calculate the total weight and units of the new screen from the selected marks.

The new location screen will have units and weight based on the marks you selected.
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