CATS 2407 - Release Notes

February 2023. The first release of 2023 focuses on improving the user experience with new tools and feature updates that make CATS easier to use, more expressive, and more powerful.

NEW Quick Search Skills
The Quick Search (F5/Ctrl-F5) tool that lets users jump to various areas in CATS by typing in keywords has gotten an upgrade. Quick-code based “Skills” allow users to jump to specific records or documents directly from the Quick Search window.

  • Counter-party accounts ('a') by code.
  • Reports ('r') based on the definition's name.
  • Purchase ('p') or Sale ('s') contracts by counter-party or number.
  • Purchase/Sale Invoices ('i') by counter-party or number.
  • Shipping Instructions ('si'), Shipping Advice ('sh'), Sample Order ('so'), or Delivery Order ('do') by number.

NEW Filter & Print the List of Traffic Forms
Filter the traffic forms listing and print reports to Excel.

NEW Advanced Payment Terms
Support for complex due date calculations including End-Of-Month payment terms.

IMPROVEMENT Batch traffic edit from traffic forms.

IMPROVEMENT Enter delivery fee on Trucking form.

IMPROVEMENT Report Scheduler filter listing using Email address and Subject.


  • Inventory Transactions Report:
    • Added “Invoice Description” and “Purchase Contract Date” columns.
  • Open Position Report:
    • New “Show Traffic” option to include all column data for repeating lines.
    • New “Round Calc'd Weights” option for rounding of open weight calculations.
    • Added “Counterparty State” column.
  • Traffic Report:
    • Added “Weight (Lb) Unsigned” column.
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