CATS 2408 - Release Notes

July 2023. The July update brings a pair of significant UI changes that we've been working on for a while and we're very excited to share with the CATS community. The brand-new Print Dialog makes setting up your output a friendlier and faster process. The newly designed mobile menus make working with touch-based devices much easier.

NEW New Printing Dialog.
The print menu has been (mostly) replaced with a new print dialog that allows users to set up the output in one interaction rather than via a series of prompts.A screenshot of the new print dialog in CATS showing the “PDF” printing options.

NEW “Mobile Menu” for better navigation when using touch-screen devices.
Individual users can enable/disable the new menu in their User Preferences under the “Appearance” tab.

NEW “Certification” management tool allows users to flag individual contract items with customizable certifications.
The certification can be included on the contract confirm, traffic documents and invoices which makes it ideal for RFA certification level requirements.

NEW New optional feature to use customizable subtotals for the invoice item listing.
The position and behavior of each subtotal section can be configured. And subtotal sections can be configured as part of the invoice template. Great for VAT-stye invoices.

IMPROVEMENT Click on the “Allocated” link on the sale contract main screen to see all allocated screens for that contract.
You can still use the “Loc” menu item, as before.

IMPROVEMENT Free time detention and free time demurrage added to location screens.
You can now keep track of (and report on) demurrage and detention free time on the traffic level.

IMPROVEMENT Filter the traffic report by the broker on the sale contract.

IMPROVEMENT Enter contract weights in ounces and grams. (Handy for roasters!)

FIX “Match” conditions on report selections are no longer limited to 40 characters.

FIX Improved efficiency when looking up traffic forms.

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