CATS 2409 - Release Notes

November 2023. The November update is mostly focused on stability, performance and bug fixes. The highlights are the new Open Entry document type and the Pre-payment invoice type.

IMPROVEMENT Traffic Form Selection Interface
When creating a traffic form (e.g. a Sampling or Delivery Order) from a location screen, you'll now see a new interface for selecting the traffic form type. CATS will auto-select an appropriate type based on the state of the location screen.

A screenshot of the new Add Traffic Form dialog Users can use hot-keys to switch quickly to one of the common choices or select another option from the drop-down.

NEW Open Entry Traffic Form
CATS has a new traffic form type “Open Entry” to provide custom “letter-style” documents alongside container-level information. Combined with an expansion of the traffic form templates that enable the use of tokenized terms to inject information from the purchase and sale contracts directly into the note.

NEW Pre-Payment Invoice Type
CATS now offers support for creating “pre-payment” invoices that do not immediately affect your inventory position. This is useful when working with customers that you do not wish to extend credit to.

IMPROVEMENT More Flexible Select Inventory
Users can now use the full traffic filter interface to find and select material for purchase and sale invoices.

IMPROVEMENT Filter Reports On Item Description
For traffic and position reports you can now filter against the item description. Use the “Match” or “Match Exclude” options for keyword searches.

FIX Isolations Unwind Production Runs
Isolating will fully unwind post-dated production runs. The Production module is now fully compatible with back-dated isolations.

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