CATS 2410 - Release Notes

February 2024. The February update brings new features and quality of life improvements to a number of areas of CATS.

[NEW] Single-Container Traffic Interface
For companies that use a single container line per location screen, we have implemented a streamlined interface that allows users to interact with the container-level detail and location information on a single screen.

Screenshot of a demo location screen showing the single-container interface.

Enable this option in for your instance from the Traffic Settings dialog.

[IMPROVEMENT] Workflow Integration for Certifications and Fair Trade
Support for Certifications has been extended and fully integrated with the existing Contract Flags system to make tracking and verification for external certifications more seamless and reduce opportunities for user errors. Flags and certs can be configured to automatically copy from purchase to sale (or sale to purchase) on allocation. Flags can be used to enforce item certifications. This update also improves the customization options for how certifications (including FLO/FTUSA) appear on printed documents.

[NEW] Reworked Batch Invoice Dialog
The batch invoice dialog has been reworked to make it easier to surface pending invoices.

Screengrab showing interaction with the Batch Invoice dialog.

Users can filter based on invoice state, balance or amount and show purchase and sale invoices in the same listing.

[IMPROVEMENT] Report Designer Quality of Life
The report designer now shows the scheduler status of the currently selected report. On instances using the reporting service, users can schedule a report or modify the current schedule directly from the report designer.

Screenshot of the portion of the report designer showing the next run time for the current report.

Additionally, there is a new icon on the column selection grid for adding a custom column.

[NEW] Filter Traffic Form List by Remark Contents
Users can filter the list of traffic forms (Delivery orders, Sampling orders, Shipping instructions, etc.) based on the content of the remark field.

[NEW] Slack Bags for Re-Bagging and Production Quality of Life
Users can now enter a “slack bag” directly on the re-bagging interface (for example, when reconditioning damaged bags). Additionally, new icons on the location screen better indicate the production status and link directly to the produced material.

Screen-grabs of the icons for production that appear on location screens.

[IMPROVEMENT] Invoice Screen Quality of Life
Invoice totals anchored to bottom of the screen.

[FIX] Updatable Voucher Invoices and Voucher Payable Grid for Sales
Users can now modify existing payable line items directly on the vendor payable grid. Vouchers can be entered against sale contracts. Posted vendor payable invoices can be updated and modified like any other invoice.

[FIX] Tax Items on Invoices
Tax line-items on invoices were reworked with this update so that they will automatically calculate the total amount based on the entered tax rate.

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