Here we have collected some basic tutorials that will allow you to jump right in and start using CATS.

Getting Started With CATS - Preparing to use CATS for the first time.
Create CATS Desktop Shortcut - Setting up your computer for CATS.
Selecting a New Printer in CATS - Picking a new printer for a CATS user.
CATS Home Screen - Customize your home screen.
Keyboard Shortcuts - Keyboard shortcuts that can be used in CATS.

Setting up the Chart of Accounts - Setting up the General Ledger.
Creating New Counter-Party Entries - Adding a new account.
Entering Receipts in CATS - How to show money received in CATS.

Contract Entry Tutorial - Creating a contract in CATS.
Creating Terms and Codes - How to enter and modify codes.
Contract Items - Overview of contract items.

General Cost Codes - Setting up cost codes and tying them to the General Ledger.

Currencies - Using multiple currencies in CATS.

How to Create Inventory Invoices - Create inventory invoices.
The Open Invoices Report - A report listing all invoices that have open balances.

Working with Futures Trades - All about futures trades in CATS.
Price-Fixing Letter - Creating/Printing a Price-Fixing Letter.

Creating and Modifying Reports in CATS - How reports work in CATS.
Open Position Report - Quick view for open position report.

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