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Features of CATS

CATS is a modern ERP designed to serve Brokers, Traders, Imports and Exporters and any business that buys and sells physical commodities. Its extensive set of integrated features facilitates the management of all aspects of the commodity business in a single platform that works for every member of your team.

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  • Traders use CATS to manage their physical contracts, price-fixing and hedging, product valuation, and position reporting. The comprehensive futures module handles buying and selling of exchange contracts which, because they are tied to your physical position, enable CATS to provide comprehensive overall position reporting. Commissions. Differentials. Cross-allocations.
  • Accounting uses CATS as a full-featured general ledger and financial reporting system linked with your physical position, ensuring that your day-to-day business matches up with your general ledger. Purchase orders and sale invoices are generated directly against physical contracts. Cost centers. Vendor payments. Bank reconciliation. Isolated areas.
  • Logistics uses CATS as a complete system for managing traffic and inventory tracking responsibilities. Generate, store and send traffic documents. Extensive traffic reporting options allows you track inventory down to the pound (or ounce or gram!). Material processing and re-bagging.
  • Sampling uses CATS to track, store and record all your received and sent samples and tie them directly to the purchase and sale contracts. Sampling orders. Sample notices.
  • Financing uses CATS to generate inventory reports, mark-to-market, calculate cash flow, manage foreign currencies, set credit and exposure limits, and anticipate vendor charges.
  • Administrators use the granular permissions system in CATS to manage their team’s responsibilities and make sure everyone has access to the information they need. User and role-based rights. AD integration. Detailed historical tracking data.

CATS is an actively developed system, designed specifically for the commodity trading business. Other generalized ERP systems require extensive (and expensive) customization to do things that CATS does natively.

As the world changes, it’s important that your business is not constrained by outdated software.